Bacillol® Wipes

Alcohol-based rapid disinfection wipes in the practical Bacillol® Wipes dispenser with extensive spectrum of activity

  • X-Wipes pre-soaked with Bacillol® AF
  • rapid and comprehensive action
  • good wetting and rapid drying
  • aldehyde-, colourant- and fragrance-free
  • reduces preparation time
  • high-quality tearproof and absorbent PET fleece
  • wipe size: 380 x 200

Areas of application

In the appropriate dispenser, Bacillol® Wipes are suitable for rapid disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces and medical devices. They are of particular benefit in areas not allowing decanting of disinfectants due to fire safety or occupational health reasons. The single-use wipes ensure both hygienic working conditions and efficiency.