Baktolan® balm

Intensively nourishing water-in-oil (w/o) balm with vitamin E, panthenol and allantoin for dry and sensitive skin.

  • vitamin E, allantoin and panthenol moisturise the skin intensively
  • increases skin firmness and keeps skin smooth
  • promotes skin regeneration
  • preserves the protective acid mantle of the skin
  • relieve of skin irritation and redness
  • pleasant scent
  • free of parabens

Areas of application

Baktolan balm is a water-in-oil balm with high quality nourishing components that were particularly adapted to the skin’s pH value (5.5). This stabilizes the skin’s protective acid mantle.

The ingredients vitamin E, allantoin and panthenol moisturise the skin intensively, providing a smoothing effect, support the cell regeneration and relieve skin irritation and redness of the skin.

A repeated skin care with Baktolan balm during the day can reduce the risk of skin irritations significantly1).

1)Kampf G., Ennen J. Die Regelmäßige Anwendung einer Handcreme kann durch häufige Händewaschungen verursachte Hauttrockenheit und –Rauigkeit reduzieren. BMC Dermatology; 2006; 6:1