Stellisept® med gloves

Ready-to-use washing gloves for hygienic body wash with antimicrobial effect, nurses the skin and increases skin moisture with 3-fold care complex. Comprehensively active against bacteria incl. MRSA and VRE.

  • Practical ready-to-use washing gloves for the uncomplicated hygienic body wash, with antibacterial effect, of immobile patients
  • For strengthening the skin's protective barrier through moisturizing care complex
  • No rinsing after application ("leave-on" product)
  • Very good skin and mucous membrane tolerance
  • Contributes to the comprehensive reduction of bacteria, including MRSA and VRE, within 60 seconds
  • No colourants and perfume
  • Stellisept med gloves can be warmed in the microwave for a more pleasant application or be cooled for a refreshing application

Areas of application

Stellisept med gloves are ready-to-use washing gloves for hygienic bodywash with antibacterial effect. Thanks to the mild, skin-compatible formulation of Stellisept med gloves soaking solution, rinsing with water after use is not necessary. Stellisept med gloves are a convenient solution for an uncomplicated and at the same time pleasantly hygienic, antibacterial body wash of immobile, bedridden patients.