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100 years of hygiene expertise for HARTMANN

Quality products for preventing infection

Being one of Europe's leading manufacturers, BODE Chemie GmbH offers product solutions for hand and surface disinfection, skin care and skin antisepsis – accompanied by matching dispensers and accessories, expert advice, training and digital services. Based in Hamburg, BODE Chemie is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PAUL HARTMANN AG, Heidenheim, since 2009 and has since formed HARTMANN's division Disinfection.

By combining well-proven HARTMANN solutions such as sterile clothing, drapes or customised operating theatre sets with, among others, the extensively reviewed disinfectants from BODE, we offer extensive solutions for medicine and health care which are available in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Our Mission: Infection Prevention.

Hence, our BODE portfolio incorporates high-performance hand disinfectants with different efficacies for situation-specific hand disinfection, just as well as high-effective surface disinfectants for any surface, a wide range of instrument disinfectants for surgical instruments, endoscopes, probe heads, and in addition, dispensers, skincare products for professional skin protection as well as skin antiseptics for small and large invasive procedures.

With our HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER (HSC), our competent research and training center and the contact point for all those who need qualified information about hygiene and infection prevention, we offer further scientific-based support and (digital) solutions for a better and up-to-date protection of healthcare workers, consumers and patients.

Supporting various initiatives and research cooperations, we are coming continuously closer to our goal of creating a cleaner and healthier environment for healthcare professionals and patients, making hospitals safer through improved environmental hygiene, reducing avoidable hospital acquired infections and lowering antimicrobial resistance.

In addition to the needs of all those involved in the healthcare sector, one factor in particular is always in focus at HARTMANN in Hamburg: working and producing beyond the required standards – quality management at the highest international level. Find out more.

Business Areas

Whether for health care or the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries – our products are suitable for all areas where microbial safety is highest priority.

For all strategic business areas, we offer high-performance products with proven quality and great user benefits.

Health care

Infections belong to the most frequent causes of death throughout the world. Hence, preventing and combating infections plays a central role in health care. Knowledge of necessary hygiene measures and their consistent and systematic implementation with adequate products is the basis for reliable protection against the spread of pathogens. Our preparations for clinics, primary health care, rescue services, in- and outpatient nursing care facilities, etc. are scientifically validated, extensively reviewed, and meet applicable international and national guidelines and recommendations.

Products, which – depending on the area of application – have been tested in accordance with the standards of the European Committee for Standardisation (EN standards) as well as with the German Robert Koch-Institute and other associations, offer maximum safety and efficacy. The wide range of products covers many different microbiological activities, groups of active substances, properties and areas of application.


The quality policy in the industry is intrinsically linked to adhering to staff, production and product hygiene. BODE’s products that follow GMP* and HACCP** principles respectively offer reliable and professional solutions for the high hygienic demands in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

As supplier producing in accordance with pharmaceutical law, BODE provides extensively reviewed and sophisticated products adapting to individual processes in a practical and convenient manner.

*GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice

** HACCP = Hazard analysis and critical control points