Hand Disinfection

Sterillium® med

The hand disinfectant with virucidal efficacy within hygienic hand disinfection. Featuring the proven Sterillium skincare complex. Colourant- and fragrance-free.

  • comprehensively efficacy, including virucidal activity with application time for hygienic hand disinfection
  • increases skin hydration, preserves skin elasticity and the natural smoothness of the skin
  • all-year product with quickly efficacy*
  • high skin tolerability
  • maintains the natural pH value of the skin
  • colourant- and fragrance-free
  • with proven skin care complex

Areas of application

Sterillium med is suitable for hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection. Sterillium med is free from colourants and fragrances and thus is particularly suitable for users with sensitive skin.

Thanks to its highly efficient formula with 85 % ethanol, Sterillium med provides full virucidal activity (incl. norovirus) within hygienic hand disinfection and thus is ideally suitable for year round infection prevention.

*Hygienic hand disinfection (EN 1500) in 30 sec