Hygiene Tower

Floor-standing column for hand disinfectant dispensers

The BODE Hygiene Tower is a flexible column, on which a hand disinfectant dispenser can be mounted to ensure the application of hand disinfectants in a variety of different areas.

  • for all areas where it is not possible or very difficult to install a wall dispenser, or where a dispenser is only needed temporarily
  • suitable for different dispenser systems from BODE
  • robust and tilt-resistant design ensures a smooth and safe operation
  • easy to install – through existing drill holes
  • powder-coated, closed surfaces for easy cleaning
  • thanks to the textured surface, slight disinfectant drip strains are virtually invisible
  • leaflet mounted separately available

Technical data

  • Stable steel column with special power coating and stable foot
  • Simple installation through pre-drilled holes

Overall height 140 cm

Foot 45 cm x 45 cm

Weight 14.5 kg

Practical delivery in 3 parts: 2 column elements, 1 base plate. 1 assembly set, 1 assembly instruction, rubber feet, edge protection included in delivery.

A dispenser must be ordered separately.

The following dispenser systems can be used:

  • Eurodispenser 1 plus
  • Eurodispenser 1 plus Touchless
  • Eurodispenser RX5 Touchless
  • Eurodispenser Safety Plus
  • CleanSafe basic
  • CleanSafe touchless
  • CleanSafe extra
  • CleanSafe extra touchless