Application Aids

Application Aids for the user-friendly application of HARTMANN’s hygiene and disinfection products.
Only with using application aids an exact application of disinfectants, cleanings agents and skin care products can be achieved. Thus, application aids of HARTMANN have a major share in the hygiene success as well as in the user safety and product efficiency.

BODE pumps

For the convenient product application from original BODE bottles and containers

  • Single-use pump with short and long nozzle for 350/500 or 1000ml BODE bottles (with return valves)

BODE Pocket bottle holder

  • suitable for 50 ml and 100 ml BODE pocket bottles

BODE pump spray heads

For spraying Bacillol® AF and Bacillol® 30 Foam

  • Universal spray head for 500 ml and 1000 ml BODE bottles
  • foam spray head for Bacillol® 30 Foam 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml BODE bottles

Canister key

For 2 liter bottles and 5 liter / 10 liter and 25 liter canisters

Discharge tap

For withdrawal of product concentrates from 5 liter and 25 liter canisters

Reciprocating barrel pump

For transfilling product concentrates from 200 liter barrels


For 5 liter canisters

1000 ml dosing bottle

For filling from bulk containers

BODE hand sprayer

For aqueous and ready-to-use disinfectants; volume 1.25 l

Measuring beaker

For preparing use-solutions

BODE Foot spray device

  • for the application of alcohol-based foot sprays protecting against mycosis pedis
  • fast and easy installation in changing rooms, bathrooms, sports & sauna facilities, etc.
  • mechanical operation
  • no water or power supplies necessary
  • lockable and thus protected against unauthorized opening
  • spray valve setting ensures complete wetting of top and bottom side of feet
  • delivery includes mounting parts, instruction sheet, manual and 7.5 liter refill containe