A tradition of expertise

Founded as Bacillolfabrik Dr. Bode & Co. in 1924, BODE ranks among the leading hygiene specialists today. The company looks back on an eventful history completely dedicated to infection prevention. With PAUL HARTMANN AG in Heidenheim, Germany acquiring BODE in 2009, two enterprises that have a long tradition in interdisciplinary research and development joined forces. Until today, the active exchange with scientists has been part of both company cultures.

Scientific network

Some milestones in the company history demonstrate the importance both PAUL HARTMANN AG and BODE Chemie attach to the exchange between science and practice.

Almost 140 years ago, for example, HARTMANN founder Paul Hartmann and Sir Joseph Lister developed the carbolic gauze, the world’s first antiseptic wound dressing, in the response to the fatal gangrene disease.

In 1965, scientists of Bacillolfabrik Dr. Bode & Co. and physicians from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany developed the first marketable alcohol-based rub-in hand disinfectant – Sterillium®.

To continue to expand this expertise in the future, the HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER was founded in 2011 under the umbrella of the HARTMANN Group. This centre of excellence focuses on exploring solutions for infection protection. Its core competences are scientific publications, the development of new standards and high-level guidance, thus successfully continuing the long tradition of combining science with practice.