Baktolin® sensitive

Mild and nourishing washing lotion for the gentle cleansing.

  • cleanses with a soft, creamy foam
  • mild washing lotion with a skin neutralpH-value of 5.5, free from colorants
  • has a fine scented formula
  • contains oil-restoring and nourishing substances
  • excellent skin tolerability
  • contains skin-mild tensides
  • without fragrance-mix1)-components
  • free of parabens

1)Fragrances that are known to trigger allergies more frequent.

Areas of application

Baktolin sensitive is suitable as a mild and nourishing washing lotion for the gentle cleaning of skin and hands. The product´s skin care substances - Allantoin and wheat protein - keep the skin smooth and pliable even with intensive and repeated daily use. The pH value of 5.5 preserves the sensitive protective acid mantle of the skin.