Skin compatibility of hand disinfectants

Generally, hand disinfectants based on alcohols possess good skin tolerability. A burning sensation and reddened skin upon contact with alcohol-based hand disinfectants are signs of pre-damaged skin. In these cases, the alcohol can...

Streptococcal infections on the rise in Japan

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is caused by toxin-producing group A streptococci. The incidence of TSS is low worldwide, although a regional cluster has been observed in Japan since the beginning of this year. What is causing the increase in infections and how can we protect ourselves? Learn more in our article.

HSC Symposium 2024

On June 10 -11 2024, HARTMANN continued its lecture series “Safety first – Rethinking infection prevention”. Find here the speaker presentations from this year's event ‘Milestones in Infection Prevention and Control’ as recordings, as well as the posters from our poster session.